Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bennett:3 Months

Bennett, you are well into your third month!

You weigh about 14 lbs. and are 25.5 inches long.

You can wear anywhere from 6 month-18 month clothing and size 3 diapers.

You are such a smiley little guy, but we are having trouble capturing it in pictures because you are still a little surprised by the flash. Along with the smiles have come some giggles too!

Giggling isn't your only noise, you also have "conversations" with us by making the "ah" and "o" sound. You will sometimes imitate your brothers too when they whine.

You have a great appetite and will usually drink 6-8 ounces during a feeding. I think you would like to try baby food too, but with your spit-up problems I'm not sure your little tummy is ready yet.

You still sleep quite a bit throughout the day and usually only wake up once at night. You are still in your carseat at bedtime, but with your nursery now complete you should be moving into your crib soon.

I am back to work now, so you get to spend your weekdays with our fabulous neighbor, who is also your babysitter. I was able to stay home with you longer than your brothers, so we were really able to bond this summer.

Your coordination has improved so much! You can get your hand to your mouth now and like to cram your whole fist in. (I may need take a picture!) You haven't learned to roll over yet, but are very close. Your neck is strong too and you can hold you head up while being carried with no problem. We can also pull you by your hands into a sitting position.

You are starting to be our social baby! You watch us as we walk across the room, love when your brothers give you attention, and enjoy sitting up so you can see what is going on.

It's hard to believe you are already a quarter of the way through your first year! You will be running around, wrestling with your brothers before we know it.

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