Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baptism Weekend

Twice a year our church has "Baptism Weekend." A few weeks ago they announced that it was coming up, I looked at Brian then and said "I'm getting baptized that weekend."

Neither of us have ever been baptized. We didn't grow up going to church. As adults we searched for the "right" church for our family because we knew we were missing out on something. This was the third church in our area to try 3 years ago and we have been attending ever since.

We were right, we WERE missing out on something amazing. Our relationship with Christ has grown over these past three years and we are now members of our church.

Our schedule got busy and we somehow forgot about the upcoming weekend, until we were getting ready Sunday morning. I reminded Brian that they were doing baptisms that day and we realized that we hadn't told any of our family or friends. So, we decided to put it off again.

The whole service was about baptism, and I sat there thinking over and over how I wished I would have dressed appropriately. At the end of the service our Pastor said there was no excuse if anyone was wanting to be baptized, they had bags of t-shirts and shorts in the lobby for anyone who needed it. Brian looked at me and said "let's do it!"

So with only our boys there to witness it, we were baptized.

In the lobby before the baptism, modeling my clothes

The baptism takes place outside, and I think Carson was a little jealous that he couldn't get in.

We were baptized together. And we were so fortunate that a photographer was there taking pictures.

Our church is amazing. That weekend 293 people were baptized. Two of them were us!

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