Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Concert

A few years ago Kid Rock played at the Super Bowl in Houston. My friend, Bowers, ended up meeting their emcee, Freddie, who had recently replaced Uncle Kracker, at a bar while they were in town. They exchanged phone numbers and whenever he was in town with Kid Rock, he would call and get her free tickets & backstage passes. Being the good friend that she is, she invited me along each time they came. Eventually, she moved to Chicago, then on to Kansas City, leaving me here in Houston! Freddie now calls me when he comes into Houston for free tickets, although he typically doesn't give much notice, they are always great seats and I get to bring a couple of friends along.

Recently, when I was in Dallas for a conference, he text me to let me know they would be in Houston. I couldn't make it down due to the conference, but as luck would have it, they were in Dallas the following night! Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who lives in Dallas, but Lori, a teacher who was at the conference with me agreed to go:

The seats were about 12 rows back, so we could see the concert perfectly. Because we were so close to the front, we had a parade of people trying to sneak up to get better seats giving the poor security guard a hard time when he turned them around sending them back to their own seats. They drunk concert-goers would try so hard to talk him into letting them pass, women by flirting, men by trying to fight. I was almost as entertained by these people as I was by the concert.
After about 30 minutes of watching this, I HAD to say something to the poor guy. When he walked past, I leaned over and told him that he deserved a raise for having to deal with all these crazy, drunk people. He laughed, and said that Kid Rock concerts kinda bring out the trash, that most concerts weren't nearly this bad.
We went back to watching the concert. Here is a view from our seats:

About 5 minutes later, the security guard walked over and asked us if we would like better seats! He moved us to the THIRD ROW!! Here I am with the nice guy:

And a view from our new seats:
A little bit of kindness goes a long ways!
After the concert was over, we got to go backstage and hang out with the band. I was disappointed that Lori didn't get to meet Kid Rock, b/c he went back to his bus after the concert was over, but the rest of the band was so entertaining, we had a great time.

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